1.8 Project Activities

The below prompts provide three activities to reflect on module 1 material.

Activity 1: Report

Write a brief 1-2 page report on existing materials for your language and potential community interest around a language documentation project. What material is still needed to create a more comprehensive record? What are some potential limitations you could encounter? What are some of the things you already have that you can take advantage of?

Activity 2: Creating a Recording

Create an audio or video recording of a relevant speech event. Write a 1 page reflection on how the process went. What were some difficulties you encountered? How did the quality turn out? Were there any surprises?

Activity 3: Scanning a Document

Scan an existing document, ideally one that is relevant to your documentation project (such as handwritten field notes, a letter in the language, etc.) Write a 1-page reflection on how the process went and why the document is important.