3.6 Project: Create Metadata for a photograph

Here is an example: 

  • What is your name? Marjing
  • Who took this video? Chakpa Andro Panam Ningthou Meihoubirol Cultural Association
  • Give this video a title: Indigenous Dance and Songs of Chakpa Andro 
  • Where was this video taken?
    • Village/Town/City: Andro
    • State: Manipur
    • Country: India
  • When was this photo taken?
    • Year: 2017
    • Month: December
    • Day: 12
  • Name the people in this photo: (List from back to front, left to right. Please use complete names.)

• Please describe this photo and let us know why it is important to you:

One song from album Chakpa Abdri Yekhou Jagoi – Eshei. This Manipuri folk dance is accompanied by two pena players. The pena players don’t use a standardized key, just a natural harmony to go along with their singing. The dance and the song are about the Langmeiching, which is a mythical mountain significant in the Meetei religion. There is a belief that the Meeitei people originate from this mountain. This is a place that they worship. This dataset includes a transcription of the song and a translation into English. 


  • Andro
  • Manipur
  • Pena
  • Folk dance
  • Musical instrument
  • Meitei religion
  • Indigenous Pre-Vaisnavite