The Computational Resource for South Asian Languages (CoRSAL) 


The CoRSAL group supports archiving of audio, video, and text on the under-resourced languages of South Asia.

 CoRSAL engages in research at the intersection of language documentation, description, and information science.

We encourage depositors from all backgrounds to create collections with us. As you explore the archive, you will see material created in field methods courses, as part of federally-funded research projects, or by dedicated community collectors.

Formats range from digitized wax cylinder recordings, to experimental recordings in sound-proof booths, to interviews recorded in the marketplace on a cell phone. This variety allows for lasting records of languages to be created from multiple perspectives collected under differeing circumstances. 

CORSAL V - 2021

Increasing Engagement with CoRSAL through Social Media

October 1, 2021 (8:30 to noon via ZOOM)

Event is free. Register online at 

Social media plays a significant role in language revitalization efforts. We learn more about this through our keynote address by Brook Danielle Lillehaugen.   CoRSAL depositors share how they are using social media to increase engagement with their collections.  We introduce the CoRSAL Excellence Fund.  We share news of our new collections and future plans.