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Photo of a young woman wearing glasses and traditional Dimasa dress

Coming soon: Dimasa Language Resource



We are excited to announce the upcoming collection, Dimasa Language Resource! Read about the collection here, and stay tuned for the Dimasa collection in Fall 2022.


About the language

Dimasa (autonym /ɡɾawdima/; ISO 639-3... read more

four people standing outside a Poumai Naga house

Coming soon: Poumai Naga Language Resources


We are excited to announce the upcoming collection, Poumai Naga Language Resources!

About the language

The Poumai Naga (Poula) language (ISO 639-3 pmx) is grouped under the Angami-Pochuri subfamily of the Trans-Himalayan language family. There are over eighty... read more

Shobhana Chelliah on IIIT-Manipur campus

Partnering with IIIT-Manipur


With at least 30 recognized languages in Manipur, the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Manipur (IIIT-M) is working to support the preservation and continued study of Manipur’s linguistic diversity. Partnering with the Computational Resource... read more

cover of a book which reads: "Proto-Kuki-Chin: A Reconstructed Ancestor of the Kuki-Chin Languages by Kenneth VanBik, STEDT Monograph 8, UC Berkeley"

Meet our Depositors: the Van Bik family


Dr. Kenneth Van Bik, alongside his family, is building a collection of Hakha Lai materials in the Lai Language Resource. They are excited to bring... read more

GREAT news: CoRSAL curator travels to Assam


CoRSAL curator Mary Burke was awarded the Graduate Research Experiences Abroad Travel (GREAT) grant by UNT International Affairs to pursue her dissertation research during the summer of... read more