Depositing with CoRSAL

The process for creating a collection is as follows:  

1. If you need training in documentary methods, we can ogranize remote or in-person training sessions. 

2. Contact us to set up workflow for file transfer.

3. Provide a spreadsheet with metadata and work with our curators to complete or edit your metadata. A guide to our metadata is here:

4. Create a landing page for your collection including a thumbnail (picture) and a brief description of the collection - we can help you with this process.

5. Create a collection guide along with our curators.

6. Sign a digital rights form which gives UNT the rights to host your material on the UNT Digital Library. 

7. Payment for Archiving: there is a flat rate for starting a collection of $4,000. If you do not have adequate funding but wish to archive with CoRSAL, you can apply for a fee waiver. UNT Research Commercial Agreements will generate an agreement letter between the CoRSAL archive and you, the depositor.