8.5 Questions for Discussion

Contributed by Dr. Sara Champlin

  1. What do you know about health and wellness practices within the culture or community with whom you are working? What are other ways you might learn more about this prior to beginning your project? What types of questions might you be interested in learning more about?
  2. Universities require that you have a plan in place should sensitive topics arise in your conversations about health and wellness, such as providing a hotline for participants to contact should they be experiencing risks or concerns. However, given the focus of your projects, these resources may not be available in the language you are studying. Or, it may be the case that calling a hotline number is not a common practice within the culture. What plan might you have in place to ensure you support participants who may experience distress?
  3. Find a research article from the journal, Qualitative Health Research, that contains the researchers’ interview guide as an appendix (or, sample interview questions). Take turns practicing the asking of these questions with a partner or family member. Record your observations and feelings about the process. What might you work on to feel more comfortable performing the interview.