New collection: James A. Matisoff Collection

Friday, January 14, 2022
Dr. Jim Matisoff standing with his language materials

This collection features digitized material from Dr. James A. Matisoff’s Field Methods classes at The University of California at Berkeley. The first upload is from the 1987-1988 course on KokBorok with Dr. Matisoff, Dan Jurafsky, and language consultant Prashanta Tripura. The notes were used to create a sketch of the grammar of KokBorok and a KokBorok dictionary as the class’s final project.

The Endangered Language Fund supported the curation and processing of the field methods papers and items in the forthcoming KokBorok (ISO 639-3 trp) collection via the 2019 Language Legacies award. The CoRSAL team is partnering with Professor Samir Debbarma, who wrote a description of his native language KokBorok, for his PhD at the University of Assam. The team, Shobhana Chelliah, Mary Burke, Samir Debbarma, and Prafulla Basumatary, have stumbled upon archiving and access questions specific to linguistic materials. 

Keep an eye out for additions to this collection including Mien, Chokri Naga, Angami Naga, Karen, and Sherpa.