Well-Being and Indigenous Languages

The TLC Project

In conjunction with The Language Conservancy (TLC) and Ryan Baker (University of Pennsylvania), I am working with Rachel Garton to study the connection between health impacts and indigenous language programs for communities working with TLC. The results of this work will shed light onto the long-term educational outcomes and long-term health impacts of language revitalization programs and indigenous language classes.  The study is funded by a grant from the Robert-Wood Johnson Foundation.

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The LUCAH Project    

Linguistically Underserved Communities and Health ~ Chin refugee community in Indiana

The project is lead by Shobhana Chelliah, University of North Texas; Kelly Berkson, Indiana University; Sara Champlin, University of North Texas and Kenneth Van Bik, California State University, Fullerton. The project will 1) explore the Chin conception of disease and perceptions 2) evaluate existing COVID-19 and health messages and 3) produce culturally-relevant materials tailored to the needs of a community. 

Watch the LUCAH presentation during the ICSTLL53 Special Session


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