4.1 Introduction

By creating metadata for your audio, video, scanned text files, and photographs, you have made it possible to organize these files in many different ways: by date, by genre, by creator, and so on. You have also made it possible to search for content easily. This is the first step to providing access to your collection. 

In this section, we review how you can provide a deeper level of access through creating and sharing transcriptions and translations of the items. This module will focus on language documentation software for creating transcriptions and translation.  In discussing transcription, we will also review the use of practical orthographies.


  1. To learn the basics of the following software
    • SayMore
    • ELAN
    • Keyman
  2. To understand factors impacting orthographies and orthographic variation

By the end of this module you will have:

  1. Created a SayMore project
  2. Created an ELAN project
  3. Downloaded, installed, and set up Keyman for your language of choice
  4. Performed a practice transcription and translation for an audio or video file


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